Ducktor Doom

Ducktor Doom as he is seen in the comics.

Ducktor Doom is the most recurring super-villian in the Spider-Ham universe. He is also the most reaccuring super-villain, even known to have turned Spider-Ham human once. He is a major character in the Spider-Ham comics. He is also known to be an enemy of Swiney Girl. He is a duck

Parody Of . . .Edit

Doctor Doom. Ducktor Doom is one of the few characters (besides Spider-Ham) that closely relate to their real Marvel character.

Similarities to Doctor DoomEdit

Ducktor Doom StatusEdit

Ducktor Doom is (currently) the lord of "Latveria," a parody city of the Spider-Ham comics. His real name is Quacktor Von Doom, which is a pun based on the sound a duck makes, since Ducktor Doom is a duck. He has failed at least once in ruling the world with fruits and vegetables (original Spider-Ham comic story "Salad Daze").


Along with The Green Gobbler and Doctor Octopussy Cat, Ducktor Doom is one of the most reoccurring super-villians in the Spider-Ham comic series, appearing in at least 10 comics. Ducktor Doom is considered by fans to be the arch-enemy of Spider-Ham, based on his many appearances.


In a rare comic What If? for Spider-Ham, Ducktor Doom used a ray to transform Spider-Ham into the montruous Spider-Human, who then killed Ducktor Doom and ate him as a turkey.