Swiney Girl

Swiney Girl

Swiney Girl is the daughter of Spider-Ham, who apparently is a super-hero pig like her father. Her real name is May Porker (Jr.), implying that she was also named after her father's "creator."

Parody Of . . .Edit

Spider-Girl. They were both created by the same man, Tom Defalco, who had left the Spider-Ham comics a few years back. Swiney-Girl also parodizes Spider-Girl in the sense that they both have super-hero fathers.


Swiney Girl appeared in two comics. She first appeared as a one-shot character in Spider Man Family #665578, but she instead became a recurring character, appearing in the comic's next issue. She has also appeared in Spider-Man: Animal Magnatism.Swiney Girl also made an appearence in the Amazing Spider-Ham one shot in Crayfin's Last Bunt, but hasn't made an appearance since.