Fantastic Fur

The Fantastic Fur

The Fantastic Fur is a group of characters in the Spider-Ham universe that interact with Spider-Ham many times in the series.

Parodies Of . . .Edit

The Fantastic Four.


The four members of the Fantastic Fur are:

The Asinine Torch- A parody of the golden-age Human Torch. He is a donkey.

Mooster Fantastic - A parody of Mister Fantastic. He is a moose.

Invisible Gorrilla - A parody of Invisible Woman. She is a gorilla.

Thang (or Ben Grizzly) - A parody of the Thing. He is a grizzly bear.

Alternate Versions and ForeshadowingsEdit

An alternate version of the Asinine Torch known as the Simian Torch appeared in Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham Comics #1. He is a gorrilla. Alternate versions of the entire Fantastic Fur were shown in Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham #1 known as the Fantastic Ham. This group's name is a foreshadow on Spider-Ham, the main character of the series.


The Fantastic Fur are one of the few characters that have (possibly) appeared in What The--?! #3 along with Spider-Ham. They have also appeared in the Spectacular Spider-Ham comics #1 and #6, making them the second most recurring super-heros in the Spider-Ham universe (the first being Captain Americat).