The Scavangers is the second of two groups in the Spider-Ham universe. The first group is The Fantastic Fur. Like the name implies, the Scavangers get poor public approval in the Spider-Ham comics.

Parodies Of . . .Edit

The Avengers. Note that the original written name would be ScAvengers, to mirror their parodies. But instead, the writers decided to pun-gag the name Scavangers and show their exsistance as poorly known heros.


There are 5 members of the Scavangers. They are:

Scarlet Pooch - A parody of Scarlet Witch.

Quack Silver - A parody of Quick-Silver.

Squawkeye - A parody of Hawkeye.

Black Panda - A parody of the Black Panther.

Pigeon - A parody of Vision.


The Scavangers have appeared as a group (exclusively) in Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham Comic #15. They have not appeared since.